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    CSR - Pusat Mentalink Titian Kasih
  • Jan 2013:
    Sukan 3 Penjuru, Lumut Perak
  • Nov 2012:
    Team Building, Gopeng Perak


MSSS Maintenance

Conceived in the late 80's the Malaysian Sea Surveillance System (MSSS) was developed for Malaysian maritime authorities to serve two main purpose; navigation and surveillance. In navigation vessels were required to report in their information (course, speed, identity and destination) to several dedicated control centers along the Malaysia Peninsular. Authorities also advise vessels on incoming vessels (to avoid vessel collision) or hazards (oil spills) within their course path. This allows the vessel to navigate the strait safely with minimal risk.


The other aspect of the MSSS is for surveillance purposes. With a high concentrated number of vessels carrying valuable cargo within the strait, these vessels have become prime target for criminal organizations. The narrow straits also separates Malaysia and the Indonesian island thus providing an avenue for illegal smugglers to conduct smuggling activities between the two coasts. Thus patrolling (either randomly or scheduled) without proper direction will be pointless. The MSSS complements the patrolling vessels by identfying, initiating and guiding these patrol vessels within the target area. This has allowed the MSSS to be expended beyond surveillance and incorporated Search and Rescue within its functions.