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Malaysia Sea Surveillance System (MSSS)

Malaysian Sea Surveillance System or MSSS has evolved into a vital component within a nation's infrastructure in order to assure the effective use of resources and security policies.

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The primary objectives of the MSSS would be to provide to the Government agencies situational information on coastal traffic densities, maritime assets, and others within a nations' coastal waters irregardless of time, or weather conditions.

Other capabilities inherent in the MSSS are:

  • Surveillance and monitoring of maritime activities within EEZ, or Strategic Waters (maritime boundaries, disputes borders, etc.) for the foreign owned vessels and manage vessels that require special attention (e.g. hazardous cargo, vessels under arrest, etc.).
  • Monitoring of fishing grounds, oil platforms or other National assets within territorial waters.
  • Assists in the prevention and control of marine pollution.
  • Coordination of activities for all Maritime enforcement agencies
  • Detection, identification and tracking of all vessels of interest
  • Information exchange and communications to/from vessels and analysis of collision and grounding risk
  • Navigational assistance to shipmasters traversing confined waters
  • Automatic position checks or navigational aids
  • Issuance of violation warnings within prohibited areas and speed warning within defined traffic lanes.