Vision & Mission

To be Malaysia's leading system integrator providing services in telecommunication, computing and surveillance projects in the areas of security, aviation, maritime, transportation and defense industries.

To provide innovative, reliable and easy to maintain products to transform the needs and requirements of clients cost effectively without the sacrifice of technology or quality.

With the commitment to our customers in providing superior products and services, AMCOP has recognized three main key success factors in order for the organization to successfully provide the said services to our client. Three key success factors are:

  • Customer Focus
  • The Right People
  • Effective Management

Our Services


AMCOP provides key products for surveillance of coastal sovereignty, search and rescue operations, monitoring threat or piracy and prevention of vessel collision.

Defence & Security

AMCOP is the official and exclusive representative for Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and Myanmar for IES Interactive Training products.


AMCOP specializes in Flight Information Display System (FIDS) and Display Processing and Surveillance System (DPSD) for airport efficiency.

Latest Projects and Programs