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    CSR - Pusat Mentalink Titian Kasih
  • Jan 2013:
    Sukan 3 Penjuru, Lumut Perak
  • Nov 2012:
    Team Building, Gopeng Perak

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AMP Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd [447605-P]


AMP Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd or better known as AMCOP, is a local Malaysian Bumiputera company. Founded in 1997 and AMCOP was created to cater the maintenance of the Malaysian Sea Surveillance System (MSSS). Employing individuals with high level of technical knowledge and skills has allowed us to develop our own unique way of doing maintenance.

We understand that maintenance is an art, which requires technical and practical knowledge together with years of experience. Our never ending pursuit to seek ways to improve the response and turnaround time has made us one of the best in the industry and stellar example of what a local company can strive to achive. We did not stop with that, and in 2006 we added the ISO 9001 : 2000 certification into the organization. The certification not only added value to the organization but also acknowledges our maintenance procedures and management to be in accordance to standard professional practice.

Apart from maintaining maritime radar systems we have grown and included Air Traffic Control Systems into our profile. This shows that our credibility, reputation and services quality precedes others in the industry enabling us to be the preferred choice for customers. We continue to grow and in the coming years we will be pursuing different radar maintenance market within the country. This is in line with our goal to become the Premier Radar Maintenance organization within the country and region in the near future.


As AMCOP is commited to be Malaysia's leading system integrator, we are developing our expertise through the telecommunication, computing and surveillance technologies.


AMCOP has been shortlisted for the Industry Partnership of the Year category for the ATC Global Excellence Awards 2013 in Amsterdam. AMCOP also been awarded in Excellence Service Category in 2012.